Training Tips: Categorize your Knowledge!”

Each of us learns differently…

If you haven’t already learned this, then you’ll certainly learn it at some point during your study of Bujinkan Budo. Part of your initial goals at Lifeskills Martial Arts were (are/will be) to study the wholesale mlb jerseys foundations of safety & personal wholesale jerseys protection (physical, psychological & emotional). Your next goal was (is/will be) to study jerseys the wazas The from the 6 samurai schools of the bujinkan, & the Ten Chi Jin no Maki. cheap jerseys In order to categorize the knowledge you’re absorbing, and be able to call upon it (by name) at will, it is vital to organize your notes in a way best suited to your learning style.

Lifeskills Martial Arts Students…

have a huge advantage, in being given a Shodan (first degree black belt) Syllabus, complete with diagrams, physical requirements, recommended reading, warriorship principles and even space for notes. Despite all these tools, this syllabus is not designed to take the place of your personal body of study, notes & research.

Refer to your syllabus often, use it as a guideline for your path of study (combined with your personal progress reports & instructor feedback, it is a powerful tool). However, to progress in your study of the complete cheap jerseys martial art, you will need to take your own notes and organize them into a meaningful format. This may mean rewriting everything you see in that syllabus, adjusting the order, grouping of techniques, etc. LMA Instructor Patty Carr uses herself as an example often; she rewrote the manual in its entirety over 12 times, to study for her shodan test.
Take advantage of the multiple avenues of information Lifeskills Martial Arts has made available to you! Links on the right hand column of this letter will lead you to Facebook Profiles, Twitter cheap jerseys China Feeds, Blogs, Youtube videos and more! Each website serves the same purpose in a different way, the same purpose the Free E-zine serves: Make informative, inspirational, & important Steelers information available to you 24/7. Questions on training, notetaking, or categorizing your knowledge?


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