For Parents

Have a Birthday coming up?

Click here to RESERVE your party with us! We do AWESOME Ninja Birthday Parties!   It is 1.5 hours of FUN on a Saturday or Sunday! Up to 20 children guests (each additional is $10/child over 20 children). Exclusive use of our 6,000 square foot facility which includes a rock climbing wall. We provide: Set […]

Women’s Personal Protection Seminar

You will learn: Situational Awareness Basics – “Don’t leave home without them!” How to create a winning mindset filled with: Mental, Emotional & Physical Tools to win at living. Victim – Never be defined by this term. Find your personal empowerment at any level, any time, and any confrontation on the mental, emotional, and physical […]

Word of the Month: Patience (July, 2013)

A large jug of water is filled drop by drop, and similarly do we embark on our mission to fill each of our cups with an understanding of Budo, and thus an understanding of the world around us.  Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo:  Every moment holds the potential for enlightenment.  There is no shortage of opportunity to […]

Word of the Month: Risk (May, 2013)

This month we take a look at a word that, if understood completely, can help you to move forward in your training and towards your goals in life.  One beneficial risk you can take in the dojo, is trying techniques and movements you don’t know how to do.  Though there is a certain security in […]

Word of the Month: Attitude (April, 2013)

This month we take a look a valuable tool, which can turn a disaster into an opportunity, a mistake into a lesson, or a competitor into a friend.  Unless you walk onto the dojo floor with the proper attitude, an open heart, and a clear and aware mind, all your effort during class is wasted.  […]