Special Challenges

LifeskillsMA’s ‘Special Challenges’ program is built on decades of experiences in studying the many gifts children have to offer.

For over 15 years, LifeskillsMA has offered…
Classes for the blind, deaf, injured, students in wheelchairs, children with ADD, Autism, Aspergers & more. LifeskillsMA instructors have the experience, all gifts are accepted!


Track your Child’s Stepping Stones to Success!

The Journey…
Track your child’s achievements with Weekly Progress Reports, custom tailored to his/her program & curriculum. Ask your Lifeskills Martial Arts Instructor to Personally Deliver a copy of this progress report to your child’s school-teacher, for a maximized & synergistic learning experience.

The Destination…
Lifeskills Martial Arts’ Instructors will use these opportunities to set goals for your child. Self-sufficiency, 360 degrees of awareness, the acquiring of valuable social skillsets, and more. Watch as your child starts to set goals for himself, and takes pride in meeting and exceeding his own expectations!

Children challenged with Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, or ADD may appear vulnerable to physical, psychological, or emotional attacks. (The latter two are often more damaging.)

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Skillsets include

Social Boundaries
Reaction w/personal spaces
Engagement Exercises
Effective Communication Skills
Healthy Posture
(Healthy Attitude)
Angular Distinction
Body Organization
Balance & Coordination
Power, Accuracy, Speed, Focus

Sensory Exercises
360 Degree Awareness
Spatial Concepts
Tactile Stimulus/Response
Sensory Perception
Sensory Response
Eye Contact

And More, including…
Avoiding Attacks
Verbal self-defense
Hand/leg combinations

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