Little Dragons (ages 5-11)

Our Goal: give children a constant awareness of their environment, while our warrior’s principles are taught throughout the “Lifeskills Books” series (included in the program)


Juniors / Teens (ages 9-18)

Lifeskills Martial Arts’ Teen Program is designed to create more than adults.  Give your child the Gift of Leadership.


Adults (Men and Women)

Your class will feature the three parts of a Complete Martial Art

Physical self-defense…
train with multiple attackers, 18 basic tools & weapons, & limitless possibilities. From breathing exercises to stress-conflict training, learn to win when you’re outnumbered, outmatched & off-guard.



Special Challenges

For over 15 years, LifeskillsMA has offered…
Classes for the blind, deaf, injured, students in wheelchairs, children with ADD, Autism, Aspergers & more. LifeskillsMA instructors have the experience, all gifts are accepted!



Women’s Personal Protection

Contact us here to arrange a Women’s Personal-Protection Course for your Office, School, Sorority, or inquire about upcoming events!



Birthday Party’s (ages 6 and up)

It is 1.5 hours of FUN on a Saturday!

Children must be ages 6 or older. Up to 20 children guests (each additional is $10/child over 20 children).

Exclusive use of our 6,000 square foot facility which includes a rock climbing wall.