Our Facility Includes…

+ A full-sized rock-climbing wall:

Watch kids & adults study goal-setting & perseverance, all while building body strength & coordination!

+ A professional gymnastics rig & harness:

Children & teens are encouraged to take their martial arts to an extreme level on our S.W.A.T. Demo team! Build confidence, and learn beginning to intermediate gymnastics moves, kicks, & weapon combinations!

+ A protected Shuriken & Knife-Throwing wall:

Adults are given the opportunity to develop traditional Ninjutsu Skillsets on our throwing wall. Study technique, application & the principles of Ninjutsu tools!

+ The LifeskillsMA Dojo & Nutrition Shop:

Outfit yourself with cool ninja T-shirts, hats, & other apparel. Equip yourself with top of the line Ninjutsu training tools & equipment. Immerse yourself in a library of Ninjutsu & martial arts instructional DVD’s & videos. Prepare yourself for the Warrior Lifestyle with nutritional supplements for all ages & needs.

Our facility is dedicated to personal development through Martial Arts. We develop the heart, mind & body of each of our students.


We maintain a long-term commitment to the community through uncompromised student service. LifeskillsMA is a positive learning environment. Questions are encouraged, goals are exceeded, and all challenges are welcomed. Life is not a spectator sport. For anyone.